realtime tracing system with logbook
for GT06N, TK103A, TK103B and other

(describe the black text)

for demo:   

  Supported GPS device
  gt06 protocol (GT06N, GT06, GT09, Concox GT300 .....)
  gps103 protocol (GPS102B, GPS103, GPS103A, GPS105B, TK102, TK102B, TK103, TK103B, TK103-2B, TK104... )
  xexun protocol (TK101, TK102-2, TK103-2, TK201, TK201-2, TK202, TK203....)
  meiligao protocol (GT30, VT300, VT310, PT01, PT03, AVL-011, VT600(iStartek) ...)
  teltonika protocol (FM1100, FM1010, FM1120, FM1202, FM2100, FM2200, FM3200, FM4100, FM4200 ....)

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